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 Coldosx's GM application

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PostSubject: Coldosx's GM application   Tue Jul 17, 2012 8:37 pm

My name is Matthew & I am looking into becoming a GM for the Luxury MapleStory Private server. I have played GMS since I was nearly 10 & just recently quit to get into private servers. I am very familiar with practically anything MapleStory related. I’m really easy to get along with, I’m honest, I can enforce rules in a civil and collective manner, and I just adore being in any type of staff position where I help others.

Applying for: GM

Full Name: Matthew Drawdy

Age: 16

How long have you been here?: If you mean on the forums, not long at all(sorry).

Do you know any staff in person?: No

TimeZone: Eastern Time Zone, USA

Hours to dedicate: I play basically all night, but on some days (when I'm not working) I'm on a lot during the day.

Past experience: If this refers to staff experience, none.

Are you mature?: Yes, I do believe I am. My definition of a mature person is someone that is able to have fun but doing so in a refined manner. This is exactly what I do.

How would you handle a staff abusing power?: I would talk to them about it calmly and if it escalated at all, I would alert the head of staff immediately.

Extra Info: I’d be very delighted to help run the Luxury Private server and I look forward to hearing back from you c:

contact info

Skype: coldosx

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PostSubject: Re: Coldosx's GM application   Thu Jul 19, 2012 8:03 pm

Here are a few things I'd like to point out:
- Your application is way too short. It looks as if this was either rushed, little to or no effort was given at all to type this application. Please add more information to it. As I have posted this on other applications I have read before, Luxury will tell you it is too short.
- The first post is an application, and not even an introduction or a post or two. At least make an introduction post in the forums first before trying. If you post an application and then you leave. Honestly, I will tell you that I would have denied an application just by a snap of the fingers.
- Add some colour, bold stuff. Do what you need to do to make it look or stand out more.

I will admit though, your use to language is very nice. Keep that up Smile
Good luck to you!
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Coldosx's GM application
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