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 Simple Player Guides 3:

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PostSubject: Simple Player Guides 3:   Thu Jun 21, 2012 1:09 pm

Simple Player Guides - Continuation
About GM Apps

12: GM App On Hold = Let's say you make a GM App, and it is on hold... Like Luxury hasn't answered it yet for a few days, but you're still on the GM App Section; Not Denied, Not Accepted. Don't just quit the server because she hasn't answered yet... Wait for an answer, also quitting the server shows that you're just a "staff hunter" (someone who just joins a server hunting to be a staff member).

13: GM App Denied = If you're GM App gets denied, don't take it offensively. It just means you're not the type Luxury wants as her staff. Doesn't mean your bad at being a GM or anything... Also don't quit just because you were denied, it also shows that you're just a staff hunter.

14: GM App Accepted = If you're GM App gets accepted, don't go around saying "OMG! I GOT ACCEPTED! I'M SO AWESOME, AND YOU'RE NOT!" Lol... It makes me laugh just thinking of it, because that will get you demoted on the spot... Like, that's REALLY immature, and shows that you shouldn't have been accepted.

No More Simple Player Guides To Come
Follow These Guides And You Will Have Lots Of Fun In This Community
Thanks For Reading
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Simple Player Guides 3:
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