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 Simple Player Guides 2:

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PostSubject: Simple Player Guides 2:   Thu Jun 21, 2012 12:48 pm

Simple Player Guides - Continuation

6: Events = Please don't say a GM is bad at hosting events... Lets say a GM may be bad at hosting events, don't just say "your a bad event hoster/hostest", because it will hurt their feelings and will make other players think the same, which will hurt their feelings even more. Also, after you say that, the GM will most likely dislike you and you will be enemies.

7: Begging = Please don't be a "begger", a "begger" is someone who BEGS for items.... Like someone who begs GM's for MSI's (Max Stat Items), IOC's (Item Of Choice), and NX, because even if you beg, you won't get whatever you're begging for... Begging just shows that you're immature. And most importantly DON'T BEG FOR GM POWERS... That will really annoy the GM's, or the owners, and you STILL won't get what your begging for.

8: Custom FM;Custom Maps = Try not to use Custom Maps, or Custom FM's, because GM's and normal players might think your hacking, because you may be underground, or walking in the air... Or possibly even swimming all over the FM! So if you don't wanna get blamed for hacking, try not to use a Custom Map, or Custom FM.

9: Cash Shop = Use your NX wisely, because in a ton of servers I've played, many members weren't paying attention to how much NX they had, and they bought lots of stuff they didn't really need and were left with 0 NX, then they started complaining that they barely get NX.. You DO get NX, just don't know how to spend it wisely.... (Just A Tip).

10: Forums = Make an account on the forums, and read the forums daily.... Be active on the forums, you will find many new updates about the server. It's worth reading everyday! Trust me! Also, post a few topics we can check out... By everyone reading it, if it's something cool, nice, etc... You will make friends in the community, get to know everyone better.

11: XAT = Try to be active on XAT, you will get to know everybody in the community REALLY WELL! They will talk to you, make you feel like you're at home. Our community is amazing, so you should be active on XAT and speak to us! We will help you with any questions you have, and problems you have that need to be solved, etc... Come talk to us on XAT!

I Don't Think There's More To Come, I'll See If I Think Of Anything

Thank You For Reading This
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Simple Player Guides 2:
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